About our game


Two great clans have come to a disagreement over a piece of land, and they aim to settle this dispute through a trial by combat. Both clans sends their strongest, quickest and most cunning fighters into the arena to fight to the death for the honor of their clan.

The trial will be a deadly game, played in the shadows and with dirty tricks, but the winner will bring their kinsmen and themselves endless glory.



Shurikenjutsu is a fast paced multiplayer online battle arena game. It depicts the story of two ninjutsu clans fighting in Japan. These clans sends their strongest fighters to fight each others to see who is the most powerful clan.

Each ninja have their specialities which makes them both powerful and vulnerable in their own specific way. They have abilities and tools which they can utilise in different ways in the arena. This makes it very important for ninjas from the same clan to cooperate so they can be victorious in glorious battle.